Im a big fan of medieval and i thought they would be awsome in .

Im looking for something as realistic as possible for 1v1 swordfights. So far i have tried Valkyrie Blade VR, Sword Master VR, Spartan VR, Tales of glory and Gladius.

Out of all these i liked tales of glory best although its main focus isn’t even 1v1, but large scale battles. It had the best graphics, best collision detection and some awesome features like stabbing someone and leaving a sword in their body.

But even that one wasn’t as as i was hoping VR sword games would be. Collision detection is very often buggy – for example if person is holding his shield neck high and i swing from above i would still often the shield not the opponents head.
Also physics in general could be a lot better, for example if i swing a really heavy weapon against a shield i would expect it to move the shield in a certain direction giving me an opening, but mostly its like hitting a brick wall.
Or for example if i just hold a long weapon pointed straight at an enemy they often run into it, somehow get stuck on the weapon, twitch around buggily and die.
And finally blocking isnt very realistic in most games. If i just hold my sword in front of me it will block most enemies hits. I would much prefer when i would only block enemies sword if my sword was actually on the of opponents swing.

My ideal game would be just a 1v1 arena game with really accurate hit detection where the sword actually hits the body part of the opponent or the object that is the first thing it touches on its trajectory. Also when i do hit something i want the physics to be precise – swords and shields should move in the expected direction on collisions.

Don’t get me wrong, i’m not criticism current VR games. I don’t have any knowledge of VR game development and I’m just genuinely interested in what is stopping them from further development? Is it a problem with current generation of game engines used to develop the games? Or do the engines have the capability to develop such a game but its just really complicated for some reason?

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