We’ve had an amazing first week following publication of The Way. I’ve loved traveling to talk about the book and hearing what readers and supporters have to say and what their most pressing questions are. Launch week was busy to say the least, with lots of interviews, Quora and Reddit AMAs, and events across three states. A heartfelt thank you to everyone for turning out, reading, and offering support! 

A few thing as we move into Week 2 of my book tour: 

I’m now in Los Angeles and San Francisco to promote The Startup Way. If this week is anything like the last, attendees are in for great events. 

If you’re in those cities, I hope you’ll join me:

     In conversation with Mark Suster, Managing Partner at Upfront Ventures
10/25 | Los Angeles, CA | 7:45am | Cross Campus Downtown LA

     In conversation with Krisztina Holly, Founder of MAKE IT IN LA

10/25 | San Francisco, CA | 4:30pm | Bunker Labs Muster @ Slack HQ
     In conversation with Todd Connor, Founder and CEO, Bunker Labs

10/25 | San Francisco, CA | 6:30pm | Commonwealth Club of San Francisco
     In conversation with Todd Park, former US CTO

Speaking of events! An important reminder: Lean Startup Week is in San Francisco October 30 – November 5

The Lean Startup Week team has been working around the clock to put together a program that will suit the needs of any entrepreneur in any organization, all themed around The Startup Way. Whether you’re a student or the head of a division at a large company, we have a package to help you get the most out of the conference. You can see the full program agenda here and register for the package that suits your needs here. See you there!
Here’s a round up of early for The Startup Way

Teaching GE to Think Like a Startup (Fortune)

Eric Ries: Why Companies Need To Create An Entrepreneurial Culture (Forbes)

In Eric Ries’ new book, he tells companies to turn every unit into a cash-strapped ‘startup’ (TechCrunch)

Why big companies need to innovate like entrepreneurs (Wired UK)

EDITOR’S CHOICE: The Startup Way (800CEOread) (a terrific in depth review) 

Silicon Valley Vs. Wall Street: Can the New Long-Term Stock Exchange Disrupt Capitalism? (WSJ) (nice piece about our efforts with The Long Term Stock Exchange)

One final reminder!  

Each copy of the first printing of the hardcover edition of The Startup Way in the US and Canada contains a unique code that grants you access to bonus features at thestartupway.com/bonus. Register with the code in your copy to get access to a five-part video series, a visualization of The Startup Way, bonus MVP examples courtesy of Intuit, and more.

If you’re outside the US or purchased via Kindle or Audible, sign up on the site without a bonus code and you’ll receive some bonus materials as well.

As always, thank you for your support, and I look forward to hearing what you think as you delve into the book.

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