![What is Logancoin?
Logancoin is a decentralized “peer to peer” lending cryptocurrency that stipulates a fair distribution of wealth so that investors can have a fair and credible opportunity to invest, lend or reinvest in Logancoin starting from 1$ only.
Introductory Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SajpCwVuMfg
To give investors and crypto-enthusiasts a genuine initiative to take part in a fair lending cryptocurrency program. Logancoin users will be able to start lending, reinvesting or withdrawing their assets right after the ICO, they can do this freely without having to wait a long time, this is because there is no contract.
Can Logancoin be mined?
Logancoin can be mined on a very clever algorithm, and all you need to do that is a computer. We have a great surprise on this operation which we will release to the public a few days before the Mining Pool is released.
ICO Information:
Logancoin Initial coin offering program will enable the first investors to acquire Logancoin at a price of 0.70$ starting from 1st January 2018 at 3PM GMT. In order create a fair opportunity with everyone, only 250,000 LGN will be available every 24 hours during the ICO. This means that everyone has a fair chance to acquire LGN. The ICO program will last for 1 month and will thus complete on the 31st January 2018.
ICO prices:
1 – 5 January: 0.70$
5 – 10 January: 0.80$
10 -15 January: 0.90$
15 – 20 January: 1$
20 – 25 January: 1.10$
25- 30 January: 1.20$Quick Numbers:
Maximum supply : 28,000,000 LGN
Circulating Supply : 10,000,000 LGN
Available in ICO : 7,500,000 LGN
Daily Token Available in ICO: 250,000 LGN
Logancoin Lending Program:
We have put in place a fair lending program with a dedicated volatility trading software and interest rate structure up to 45% Captital back after 99 days only, not only that, with Logancoin you can cancel your contract even before the 99 days are over with no fee.
Logancoin Affiliate Program:
We have put together a generous affiliate program: up to 15% commission rate when other investors join in using your referral link, you can also track and monitor your affiliated users from your online account.
Bonus Structure for Youtubers / Public figures:
Win 10,000$ lending airdrop for every 500 user with your affiliate link
Win 2000$ lending airdrop for every 100 user with your affiliate link
Win 5000$ lending airdrop for every 250 user with your affiliate link
(This airdrop is withdrawable after 99 days)
Logancoin team would like to thank you in advance for your time and we are looking forward to working with you soon.


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