I’m a back-end developer / product guy / architect by trade, but am making my first foray into launching a mobile platform. This subreddit has been a great inspiration to me thus far.

My focus is on the product, , and biz dev side with this project, and I want to farm out the actual dev work, despite my background, as I work a lot and don’t have the bandwidth to handle all facets. Because my experience lies in web apps and enterprise and not consumer-facing mobile platforms, I need a sanity check on how to handle this.

First off, my intent is to find two developers two handle the project – one to build a cross-platform -end in React Native (the app will only need camera and GPS access from a hardware perspective) and another dev to build out the back-end services with Node, hosted on Lambda or EC2 (still working through architecture). I’m able to pay, so will likely use TopTal or some other site vs offering equity, unless I find a co-founder with a complimentary skill set.

Here’s what I intend to – is this sufficient?

Front-end dev:
– High-level pen and paper sketches of screens (UI is not a competency of mine, but UX is)
– Flowchart of screen transitions / event triggers
– Mock endpoints for all events
– Deployment preference (e.g. )

Back-End dev:
– Authentication requirements
– Hosting preference (Lambda/EC2)
– Database structure
– Request and response definitions for all endpoints

I intend to use a lightweight product like Trello to manage tasks.

Re: the above lists: Is this too much? Too little? Any gaps? This is my first foray into designing a mobile app and want to set myself up for as far as possible.


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