We work with a host of clients, helping them bring massive spaces, and physical assets into the digital . The makes it possible for anyone, located anywhere in the , to explore their space in both 3D and virtual reality (VR). Tens to hundreds of thousands of square feet – and all of the details and assets inside and out – can be at your fingertips online, with varied levels of to provide any audience the amount of detail they require. 

It was exciting to see Flexential (formerly Peak + Viawest) using VR at a trade show, where the company was able to “bring” their Gen 4 data center facility along for the ride. A conference attendee would enter the Flexential booth, strap on a pair of Oculus Rift VR goggles, and take an in-depth tour of a Flexential data center, complete with an in-tour quiz to help people learn more about how the facility operates or be fully immersed in 360° panoramas.

No kidding – there was a line of people waiting to take the virtual tour. And it generated buzz and interest – exactly what you want at a tradeshow. VR opens up the door to …

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