Qantas AVRO

With applications for the Qantas AVRO program closing on Monday April 30, we had a chat with David Parfett (Head of Group Innovation &; Ventures, Qantas Group), Betty Chen (Program Manager, Qantas Group), Ben Hutt (Chief Program Director &; EIR, Accelerator), and Jeremiah Flickinger (Alumni, Marketing and Customer , Volantio) about everything Qantas and what kind of Startups and Scaleups Qantas and Slingshot Accelerator are looking for:

We’re live with the Slingshot Accelerator and Qantas everything #QanasAVRO accelerator – got a question for the panel? You can comment below and we’ll put it to the panel:

Posted by Startup Daily on Thursday, 26 April

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