Infographic: Universities lead in #VR #AR research, number of headsets is exploding, and 6/10 use #LeapMotion. Click To TweetUniversities are the earliest adopters of virtual and augmented reality. Even in the third age of VR, when the is small, inexpensive, and powerful enough that millions of people can own it, universities are still at the bleeding edge of VR and development.

A recent survey of 553 universities in the VR First Network gives us an exciting look at what’s happening in the space, and what technologies the next generation of graduates are using right now.

Virtual reality technology was born in universities.

Virtual reality was born in universities and survived through multiple waves of innovation, failure, and rebirth.

Highlights: VR/AR in Universities

  • The number of VR headsets at universities has quadrupled in the last 6 .
  • 7% of universities own augmented reality headsets. 43% of those are the Microsoft Hololens.
  • There are roughly as many Rift DK1 and DK2 units combined floating around as HTC Vives.
  • 59% of universities have Controllers. That’s more than 5 times any other input device!
  • Gaming and education dominate. However, 25% of universities have projects in psychology, history, healthcare, or cinematic experiences.
  • NVIDIA and Intel dominate GPUs and CPUs, respectively.

(Click for larger version, or download the PDF.)

Infographic from VR First about universities researching virtual and augmented reality.
Image credit: VR FIrst

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