Udacity launches nanodegree on flying carsUdacity has opened applications for enrollments into its latest Nanodegree – an exclusive program on Flying . With global experts as instructors, the course aims to provide the skills to create autonomous flight systems that will be the transport technology of the future.
It will prepare students for jobs of tomorrow like Unmanned Aircraft Software Engineer, Guidance Navigation and Controls (GNC) Engineer, Aerial Roboticist, Software and Controls Engineer, and Autonomous Systems Engineer.

Interested applicants can go to the website, where they can view a free preview of the program and apply for enrolment till February 7th, 2018. Applicants to this program will be reviewed on the basis of their readiness for the curriculum. Students of the Self-Driving Car Engineer and Robotics Software Engineer Programs, as well as Intro to Self-Driving Cars graduates, are guaranteed admission and the opportunity to enroll.

The program will consist of two 12-week terms – the first on Aerial Robotics, and the second on Intelligent Air Systems. With the addition of the Flying Cars Nanodegree Program, Udacity now offers potential students the opportunity to embrace the coming paradigm shift in the future of transportation.

Ishan Gupta, Managing Director (India) – Udacity said, “The Flying Car Nanodegree Program will empower students to translate concepts of drone technology from the classroom to simulation and ultimately build their own self-flying drones. Flying Cars will find application in the aerospace, transportation, technology, and defense industries, and this course will help create the aerial roboticists and autonomous systems engineers that will shape this technology and how people travel in the future.”

Further, Udacity has also partnered with Quidich to be the hiring partner for this new Nanodegree in India. Quidich has been using drones in India to create extraordinary aerial cinematography, aerial visual displays, and project/real-estate surveying. Quidich will be providing internship and mentorship opportunities to the graduates of the Flying Car Nanodegree Program, in addition to sponsoring candidates.

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