How long can you stay on the Twisty ? Roll along the and shatter glass for points. If youR7;re courageous​ enough, jump off the to skip ahead. Be careful and don’t fall for too long or game over!

-Tap left side of the screen to turn left
-Tap right side of the screen to turn right

Customer Reviews


Flying Form

This game has a large amount of ads like literally you get one every time you loose so I wanted to see how much it would cost to stop ads and it said $2.99 and I was like that’s wayyyyyy too much to stop ads so i clicked cancel but the purchase option kept popping up while I was playing I would click cancel and it would pop up right after so I clicked cancel then quickly clicked the button before it popped up again it took me to my regular screen trying to see if that would get rid of it but then I get a notification saying purchase complete and I was confused cause I never clicked it but in order for me to purchase something I need my finger print so because of the game malfunctioning in the process of me clicking the button to get off the game I payed for something I didn’t want to purchase I’m very upset and I want my money backk🤬😡

Bug causes purchases


As some others have said, there is a bug (I’m going to assume it is a bug and not by design) that causes the “purchase ad free” confirmation to continue popping up over and over when you cancel. This unfortunately takes advantage of the need to either open task manager or to get to the home screen on fingerprint authentication. Therefore it says it has purchased the ad free option. Which at 2.99 is a bit steep for a game this simple. The ads are extremely annoying here as well, every time you lose you are presented with a full screen ad for 0 seconds.

Overall great game, but the ads are a downfall.


This game is great and addicting and all, but it has a downfall most apps we play have. Ads. In this game every 1 or 2 times you fail you get an ad pop-up. Sometimes you have to cross your finger to see if you get lucky enough to it. Most games have ads to make extra money, it’s like a sponsorship. Overall so far I would give this game a 3, but if they were to remove these ads I would give this game a 4.

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