November 8, 08

Even though you’ll step into the future, Black is a great throwback game.

In the rouge-lite shooter, you’ll play as the titular character who is a bounty hunter that can travel through time by harnessing the of black holes.

You’ll help in try to the Hellraisers and its seven leaders, a ruthless criminal organization in the galaxy.

And Black Paradox will have a ton of different weapons and other tools to get the done. There are more than 15 weapons, deadly drones, and 30 powerups to use in the game.

Along with the boss battles, there are more than 50 different enemies you’ll need to defeat.

Gamers will definitely enjoy the fun pixel art and synth-wave soundtrack. There are also a number of great smaller touches like Black Paradox’s ship that takes a big dose of inspiration from a 1980s time travel movie. Great scott!

Black Paradox is designed for the and all iPad models. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for $3.99.

In the rogue-lite shooter, gamers will be able to use weapons, drones, and upgrades to help them succeed.

Black Paradox

Black Paradox

Tiny Games

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