Digital is a market that has the tendency to keep updating and changing itself quite frequently. This makes it important for the marketers to keep updating themselves to keep up with the trends in the market. And, what better way to stay up-to-date with the changing algorithms, new practices, tactics and strategies other than blogs. Bloggers try and keep their readers informed and educate them regarding the changes and updates and any other new information and news of the tech .

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Here’s a consolidated list of 7 digital marketing blogs that you have to in 2018 and follow them religiously (literally) to make for a good read while commuting to and from work, even to while away some free time and gather knowledge at the same time.

1. Marketing Land

One of the most informative and in trend blogs, Marketing Land, is one you have to bookmark to keep up-to-date with the market. Any update, new launches, news and changes are put up here for their readers.

They cover every digital marketing topic ranging from content management to media updates to management updates of top companies in the business; you think of it, they have it.

The blog also has a live feature that allows people to view events live, although not in person. They have in-depth panel discussions on the current trends and topics and have wide coverage of the events. Recently, they covered the CES Tech event in Las Vegas extensively.

2. MOZ blog

Undoubtedly, one of the finest blogs that should be bookmarked by every digital marketing lovers and by those who want to stay on top of the news relating to SEO or other digital marketing tactics, MOZ blogs are ones that should not be missed.

Every digital marketer is aware of the importance of SEO and also, of its ever-changing rules, regulations and guidelines. The blogs cover each aspect of SEO without being lengthy and preaching. They are easy to read and understand.

Each and every blog of their cover various aspects of SEO and is simple, yet informative and easy to understand even for beginners. They have a weekly update on a recurring topic and go like a series and have lots of expert discussion forums and wide coverage of various components of SEO tactics.

3. Econsultancy

The topics covered in the Econsultancy blogs are wide and cover almost every sphere of the digital marketing world, at the same time, delving into certain topics pertaining to the niche markets.

Their advice and suggestions help companies to promote themselves and their products online in a more integrated and innovative, yet, practical approach. They have the widest coverage of in trend topics and any company irrespective of the field can put the advice into practice.

4. Convince & Convert

One place that has it all, blogs, posts, website, e-books, books, podcasts and such, Convince & Convert is the place where one has to go when you want to get to know anything and everything about digital marketing. The blogs are written by digital marketing experts and advisors and is led by Jay Baer. The articles are informative and to the point, without being too difficult to understand and adapt.

With the help of their articles, you can bring in fresh ideas and a new approach to tour existing campaigns and get new perspective and new ideas. Use their content to enhance your content.

5. Kissmetrics

The -driven blog is perfect for analytical and testing insights and is for anyone who is little more than interested in marketing. The trained and experienced team is dedicated to examine and facts and statistical trends that help in projecting a product’s or brand’s performance online.

The blog has helped a lot of companies in planning about how to move forward towards achieving their marketing goals and continues to do so even now. The data and facts help companies in planning and deciding their next move.

The plus side of the blog is that every article of theirs is supported by corresponding facts and metrics that cannot be refuted.

6. Socialfresh

One blog that includes alternative media embedded in it, Socialfresh is perfect for those who cannot spend too much time on multiple blogs and articles to get information regarding one marketing based topic. People who have a busy schedule cannot spare time to read too many articles and have to be constantly on the move. Videos are a great way to get the information and gist of the content without having to read too lengthy articles and too many of them.

The blog covers related events, presentations, and has videos and audios so that people can view them and not miss out on any information. The blog focuses more on the power of social media marketing and how the market is changing and ever-evolving.


The amazing blog that not only covers marketing topics but also, gadgets, tech, and such other topics is a wonderful read for everyone. It provides in-depth marketing analysis and insight that help marketers to be a step ahead of others in the game.

Their articles are detailed and informative and also provide predictions that help the players to be a step ahead and company owner to pre-plan and decide the next course of action. Their best feature is a downloadable video featuring ‘the future of….’, and covers various industry-based topics.

Digital marketing world is ever-evolving and keeps updating and changing constantly. To keep up with the changes and updates, blogs are the best way. Here, we have provided you with the top 7. Tell us if we have missed any good one in our list.

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