The list of Best Gear VR games is increasing at a rapid rate. Gear VR is one of the most opted VR headset, and there is a whole lot of bunch of best gear VR games for it. These games are sure to engross you in an immersive VR experience. Though there are hundreds of VR games for Gear, but not all are worth your time. So here we have for you the Best Gear VR games to download, that is a worth a try. Since the new games keep on introducing every now and then, we will keep updating our list to the latest details.

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Here is the Best Samsung Gear VR games list you must in

Gunjack is a thrilling arcade shooter game. This virtual reality game is built from the ground up for Samsung Gear. GunJack will take you to a visually striking sci-fi where danger and destruction await for you. It is one of the most popular and immersive VR game available for Samsung Gear. The game will put you into the shoes of a GunJack. You are an only gunner who has been allotted with a dreadful job.You are required to bombard everything that moves. Get ready and power up your guns, and protect your mining grounds from lethal rival ships. Your rival is always finding a way to blast you and your team.

Land’s End is one of the most exciting VR game made for Samsung Gear. Though there are a number of games, but Land’s End is among the ones in the list of best VR games for Samsung Gear. This VR game is designed by the makers of Monument Valley. This exciting VR game is set in an impressive backdrop.The players with all their wits have to stimulate a primeval civilization. Land’s End crafts an unbelievable virtual reality experience. The game uses an interactive storytelling approach to enhance the virtual reality experience.

Dark Days, is a first-person driving game designed for Samsung Gear. The game will make you sit in the driving seat of a car.You have to drive down a lengthy and vacant road over the desert. The game proceeds with the first-person viewpoint.The main character of the game is Jade. The psychological thriller will make you the perfect target for the sequence of flights that will come to you as a surprise.The scares keep evolving from the initial time to the end of the game.

best gear vr games list

Drop Dead is a very thrilling, difficult game with the exciting storyline. This Zombie game for Samsung Gear is worthy of giving you goosebumps. In Drop Dead, there are doctors, the evil German doctor and you. The game plan will take you through an isolated timeline and an apocalyptic future set. The objective of the game is to stop the evil Doctor Monday from raising his apocalyptic army of zombies. Also, while you proceed get new weapons and blow up large sums of zombies.

In Smash Hit player uses stares to release a ball that sweeps through their virtual space. The objective of this one of the best Samsung Gear VR game is to hit crystals with a ball to shatter the crystals like glass. Every successful hit will give you more balls to toss. Hitting enough of the crystals will give you up to five balls to take-off with just one stare. Hit the dozens of balls and breakable objects flying everywhere. If the player hit any of the fragile objects, the player is reset back to a single ball. The player keeps moving in the straight line until all the balls are over.

Now get inside the Minecraft with Samsung Gear in virtual reality. Form, search and fight mobs.Now apply your wits and do whatever you can with a fresh perspective. With Samsung Gear come, face-to-face with evil mobs. With 3D audio creep into dark caves with a terrifying experience, and with the light of a beautiful sunrise immerse yourself completely in this exciting game. The game involves Creative, and Survival modes, multiple skins, and also supports multiplayer; both cooperative and competitive. All these excellent features make it one of the best Samsung Gear VR game.

Wrath of Loki will take you to the world of Scandinavian myths.All you are required to do is defeat furious Loki. You need to defeat Loki and his mission of Ragnarok: a mythological end of the world. With your, Samsung Gear immerses into Wrath of Loki and get inside a fantasy world. Get immersed in a real-like fantasy and gather enchanted objects and solve various puzzles. You can visit the areas of Thor, Freya, and Odin and gather the remains of mystic horn and finish authoritative and erratic Loki! This award-winning game is for sure; a must try for all Samsung Gear owners.

With your, Samsung Gear gets into the uncertain world of Tartarus Sector. The United Trade Consortium though started regaining the control, but the Tartarus Liberation Front is coming up stronger and powerful. The United Trade Federation is looking for supporters to beat Tartarus Sector. Be the one, fly planes better than the TLF pilots and defeat the Tartarus Liberation Front army. Use your Gear VR controller, and fly through powerful space battles. And wipe off the TLF across the Tartarus Sector. Use high-power Pulse Laser cannons and homing Meteor missiles to defeat your enemy and get impressed by an amazing combo of skill and . As you progress you unlock more powerful weapons.

Get into your Samsung Gear and get ready for an ultimate racing experience in Virtual Reality. As soon as the checkered flag drops get ready to accelerate your vehicle! So put on your Gear VR Controller and get into the drivers’ seat, race against other challengers, customize your own kart and do much more in VR Karts. Race on the striking tracks, gather power-ups and use arms to defeat other racers. VR Karts have some of the most amazing features, making it one of the best Samsung Gear VR games download.

Smashing the battle is one of the most stylish gameplay ever made for Samsung Gear. The game will take you all the way to far off future in the year 2085. The year when a huge multiplex construction site was victimized by a gigantic scale hacking happening. The hacking resulted in the construction robots attacking the workers on site. The game proceeds with two storylines by the two heroines that you have to follow till the end. Get into your Samsung Gear and witness the two unique game plays yourself and get ready to accept the 80 most challenging tasks.

Prepare to get jitters with the most popular horror virtual reality experience. Put on your Samsung Gear and venture deep into the blackness. Be aware of what waits for you within. ‘AFFECTED: The Manor’ is one of the best Samsung Gear VR game in the horror category.This popular game has over 150 million YouTube hits in its account.To keep you getting jitters all through the game, there is a terror waiting for you at every turn.  The game is equally interesting when you watch your friends play the game as it is when you play it all by yourself.

Skylight is a game from the well-known E McNeill, who is also the developer of the award-winning games like Darknet and Tactera.Tighten your Samsung Gear belts and get ready for a huge space battle. Your army is floating in space, in front of the enemy and is waiting for your commands. Give orders to your troops, frigates and massive capital ship and move them forward towards victory. The game has 30 Campaign missions. You can choose to play as a single player or can play a Multiplayer game against your friends or an arbitrary stranger!


So, Here is our Top best Gear VR games list. Comment below to let us know what you think.


This Article was originally published on 19 September 2017, And we update this article, whenever there are best Samsung Gear VR games available for download. So make sure you follow this article All the time.

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