Every year our portfolio company Stack Overflow surveys its developer community and publishes the results.

This year Stack had over 0,000 respondents to its survey from all over the world, making this survey possibly the most comprehensive view of the global software developer community.

There is a ton of here. It’s a 30 minute survey. You can see the results here.

But since many of you won’t click that link, here are some highlights from it:

First, we know that software engineering is a largely white male profession. The data shows that:

If we look at the gender and racial/ethnic mix of the students who answered the question, there is some promising data on racial/ethnic diversity, but less promising data on gender diversity. Efforts like I blogged about yesterday are badly needed to change these numbers.

I found the technology questions interesting.

Javascript is by far the most common programming language.

But Python is the most “wanted” programming language. And Go and Kotlin are rising fast.

Some great news for our portfolio company MongoDB in this survey. Mongo was the most popular non-SQL database and was the most wanted database of them all.

Finally, some data on how important Stack is in these developers’ work:

Any where 2/3 of its users visit is a big deal. And for developers, Stack is very much that.

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