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Such are the times we live in that we are making strides and leaps in technology, moving from abstract ideas to reality. From replacing manual gears with automated transmissions to Global Positioning Systems (GPS) installed in cars for navigation we are now are talking about fully .  What is an vehicle? Also known as driverless vehicles is where the art of driving is controlled by computers.

This kind of vehicle is already a concrete reality. In April 2016 a platoon of wireless linked self driving trucks completed a European cross border trip. Earlier this year Uber announced that it ordered 24,000 self driving Volvos. Autonomous vehicles are yet to be adopted on a larger scale however the growing trend of transportation as a service rather than a commodity projects a shorter time frame, as private companies and industries are becoming interested thus investing. This technology is looking to solves some major road safety issues by eliminating human error, which is the main cause of accidents. Beyond this, driverless vehicles will have a profound impact on society and the as we know it.

A driverless future will have people not owning cars of their own. Instead transport R0;

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