In this day and age, you probably encountered a few topics about or Artificial Intelligence on the . You may have also experienced interacting with them in some business website with their chatbots.

AI is not only exclusive to desktop and laptops, though. They are also available and are deployed in smartphones such as Siri and in homes such as Amazon’s Alexa. Additionally, they are also utilized in self-driving cars and delivery drones.

With the widespread use of AI and how its applications are branching out to different industries, what can it do to User Experience or ?

The Role of Current AIs in UX Design

AI has plenty of benefits that improve how people usually perform a task. Moreover, it has already been deployed in the that can benefit and improve the user experience.

Here are some of the examples how AI has incorporated itself in UX Designing.

TheGrid’s concept was made in 2014 and spent the years in beta phase before officially launching in 2016. Molly, the AI behind the web builder, lets you build your very own website that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly optimized.

For users who don’t know how to code or manage a site, the …

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