ASO best resources list

Yup. That’s a lot of content on App Optimization


A lot has been written about ASO.

But both app and App Store Optimization change constantly: an update to an algorithm, a new tool, new experiments that lead to new best practices, etc. I mean, what better illustration to that point than what just happened with the redesigned App Store following WWDC?

All of this can make it hard to find great and updated content. Because that content is scattered all across the web, and that several posts lack greatness and just add more noise.

From that observation, we at Incipia and Apptamin decided to put together The Essential ASO Resources List.


This is the that will make your job as an app marketer or App Store Optimization specialist a walk in the park, finally giving you back all the well-deserved free time you’ve been waiting to enjoy, and basically making your life awesome (if it isn’t already)…

OK, maybe not, but this ASO list is still a quite handy tool that should make your life easier to some degree. Since we’ve put it together I’ve been finding myself going back to it to find quality App Store Optimization articles to review or share with clients and peers.

And guess what? We’ll keep updating it with the best content out there.

What’s more, this is not your usual list. We created it as a Mindmap that helps you quickly find the content you’re looking for on any ASO subtopic.

App Store Optimization best resources list

We made it easy for you to find content

App Store Optimization iOS and Android resources

This Mindmap has 3 main categories: ASO for Android, ASO for iOS and ASO & Tools.





You know what to do now!



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