The Android Summit is an annual Android developer
conference in the Washington DC area.

(not to be confused with the
Android Developer Summit, held
sporadically by in Silicon Valley)

I have spoken at the Android Summit each year since its inception, and
the organizers were kind enough to include me in
this year’s agenda.

I’ll be talking about slices:

  • What are slices?

  • How do we create them? (with particular emphasis on the new Kotlin DSL)

  • How do we display them ourselves?

  • What the heck are they for, anyway?

If you can make it to Northern Virginia for August 16th, there is plenty of
other good stuff on tap, such as:

  • Two talks on Flutter

  • Two talks on Kotlin

  • Four talks on Jetpack and the Architecture Components

  • Three talks on Material Design

  • A whole track of testing talks

  • Two keynotes to bookend the event

  • And much more!

Plus, it’s being held at a Ritz-Carlton hotel, so you just know it’s going to be glam!

(well, OK, I won’t be glam — I’ll be my normal schlubby self — but the
venue will be glam, as might many of the other speakers!)

Sign up today!

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