Icy course

Adventure golf.

Prepare to be blown away by this visually stunning sports game for iPad. You must putt your way through 18 challenging holes in a transforming .

GOLFINITY - An Endless Free Golf Game

Mini-Golf to infinity and beyond.

Get ready for an endless supply of mini golf holes of ever increasing difficulty. The game has risers, drops, loops, zig zags, and more presented with fluorescent modernism against a white backdrop.

Nano Golf: Puzzle Putting

A mini golf inspired puzzle challenge from Nitrome.

The game emphasizes crazy courses filled with deadly traps to knock the ball past. There’s the classic Nitrome retro inspired art style that acts as the backdrop to 70 crazy courses that include boss stages.

Micro Golf Masters

Micro Golf Masters


Online multiplayer based mini-golf.

Play in real time head to head battles and even multiplayer tournaments to get in the hole in a fewer number of strokes. Each hole includes challenges including water hazards, directional pushers, and even black holes.

Mammoth Mini Golf AR

Mammoth Mini Golf AR


Lay out crazy mini golf holes where ever you are through augmented reality.

You can now play crazy mini golf courses in your own backyard with this augmented reality power mini golf game. The game includes six exotic courses to play to build upon the titular character.

Mr. Putt - Mini Golf for iMessage
Mini Golf MatchUp
Mini Golf MatchUp

Mini Golf MatchUp


The popular name in head to head mini-golf.

You’re given wacky holes, crazy power-ups, and stable online multiplayer connections. Beat your opponent to the hole by any means necessary.

Relax with beautiful landscapes
Vista Golf

Vista Golf

Shallot Games, LLC.

A beautiful and minimalistic mini golf game.

If you’re seeking some mini golf fun, then Vista Golf is definitely one you don’t want to miss.

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