October 23, 2017

Neal and Nathan cover a wide range of hot topics in this podacst, such as the fallout, Regulations in Switzerland and Tom Lee’s analysis on how “” are impacting the Bitcoin $BTC price.

Tezos many questions in regards to ICOs and how inherently risky they are. While infighting may come as no surprise when a Start-Up becomes an over night success and millions in capital, the cause is unique in the case of Tezos. The corporatre governance, by leveraging Swiss laws in relation to non-profits, is not bullet-proof for ICOs and could create a need to develop more fobust governance models to protect investors and maintain ICO confidence. 

Futher insight thanks to a recent Reuters article on Tezos: https://goo.gl/o2Zhgt 

Neal recently met a family who unknowingly had bitcoin since 2011 and recently learned it’s value last week. Not a common story we often hear, but does raise the question regarding how much Bitcoin is actually in circultion for trading purposes. Tom Lee from FundStrat claims that this is one of the many causes of Bitcoin appreciating in value so quickly, and why he believes Bitcoin will reach $25k in 5 years. 


How to value Bitcoin by FundStrat Global Advisor co-founder Tom Lee https://goo.gl/4Sb1HT 

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