I am part of a that is in the very early stages of . The product that we are building uses components bought from 3rd party . We have verified that the works and the prototype is looking solid and now we want to refine the prototype to make it more user friendly for the end user. With this new we wish to test the market and get initial reactions.

One of the components we have bought is a very specific and unique electronic device that comes in a plastic case that when opened voids the warranty. We voided the warranty on one of the products to build the first prototype but now we want to protect ourselves if we want to make more.

We would like to approach the company to convince them to just the circuit board that has the same functionality with some warranty terms. What is the best way to go about this? In my previous companies try not to deal with stuff like this because its not there market or it’s to much of a headache to deal with the little guys. Are there any best to approach the company? Is there any data or metrics I can bring to the table that would be compelling for the company? Is this just a money talks situation? Is it best to just void the warranty and take them apart?

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