SoftNAS’s UltraFast™ is an intelligent, self-tuning accelerator for the WAN and .

Performance improvements for use cases such as:

  • Faster offsite backups and retrieval of via optimized S3 storage
  • High-performance S3 object storage from on premise
  • Replication between data centers over an enterprise WAN
  • Replication optimization for Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO)
  • Master copy data management for global content publishing
  • Disaster recovery to the cloud for quick synchronization of data from any source

UltraFast will be an add-on feature to the product portfolio. Benefits include:

  • Migrate data to the cloud: Optimize data streams for large-scale data transfers between geographically dispersed IT environments.
  • Replicate data for disaster recovery: Replicate data to the cloud for cost-effective fail over.
  • Integrate islands of data: Quickly transfer data among remote office, factories and corporate for big data analytics.
  • Scheduled bandwidth throttling: Automatically regulate and prioritize network traffic and performance according to administrator-defined bandwidth limits and schedules.
  • Leverage existing environment: Work with existing applications, storage (hardware and software) and networks to improve network efficiency without additional hardware.
  • Increase bulk data transfer rate by up to 5 times: Speed transfers by up to 5 times (based on 1-4 GB file sizes across high quality networks (<0.1% packet loss)).
  • Improve WAN link utilization up to 16 times over TCP alone, with 95% link efficiency: Overcome bandwidth degradation due to high round trip transfers over large geographic distances and packet losses from multiple (based on 1 to 4 GB file sizes across high quality networks (<0.1% packet loss)).

SoftNAS UltraFast storage accelerator

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