Hi everyone,

To the extent this has already been asked and answered I apologize.

I’ve been working on and also planning my own in my spare time. When I’m ready to commit to this full time my plan is to focus heavily right away on the admin side of things, as I believe it will clear the way for us to focus on the product and service side of things.

Right away I want to lawyer up. Specifically, the things I’d like to have done are:

  • Cofounder agreement, with a division of labor spelled out, and all the normal stuff between cofounders

  • Organizational and administrative documents, filings, etc.

  • Any Regulation D red tape and paperwork completed and out of the way. I feel specifically this is my one chicken-egg issue. I want to solicit friends/family to cover what my cofounder and I are unable to finance.

This is in the USA. I know every state is different, but if I’m soliciting in accordance with Regulation D, will that trump any objection raised by my state?

One, is there anything critical I’m leaving out? I’m not worried at all about names, trademarks, things of that nature. I don’t feel I need EVERY single detail covered, just the critical and most important ones that could torpedo the whole thing.

Two, how much can I expect to spend with some kind of boilerplate startup package? I don’t have a ton of money, only about $8,000 saved up, and I realize what I’m asking an to do mostly relates to their time.

Is it ok for me to ask for a referral here? Obviously, I can use the and I’ve seen plenty of attorneys around the nation who do startup work. I just don’t trust my experience in this matter to select an attorney that gives me the best value.

Thanks for your help.

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