Last GDG Boulder celebrated International ’s Day with a night of lightning talks. People loved it, so we did it again this year!

I was speaking at DroidKaigi in Japan in February, and would not have too much bandwidth to organize the talks. Fortunately Amber Grimaldi kindly agreed to host the event. Just like I outlined in the report from last year, she reached out to individuals asking them to speak, followed up to make sure they prepared the slides on time, and of course, emceed on the night.

We used 2 hashtags: #WTMBoulder to get a quick summary of our event, and #WTM16 to share the evening with the rest of the Women Techmakers community.

I was the camerawoman for the night. I followed my own instructions for recording talks: screen capture for slides, camcorder for face of the speakers, use audio to sync them up. There was a bit of post-processing to decide where to overlay the camcorder feed to blocking the slide content, but otherwise the editing was pretty straight-forward.


A few of the speakers never gave a talk before, and would like to get started. A lightning talk is a great way to get your feet wet, and I was very happy to be able to record them. Now they have a sample online to apply to speak at other events!

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