Hi folks,
This post serves more as “what am I actually looking for?” rather than a “what exact steps I need to take?”. I am in mining and remote exploration, and in my field most planning and budgeting happens in random excel sheets often interlinked or loaded with macros. Each person does their own thing and generally it is a nightmare figuring out which person did what, what do I need in 2 weeks time, which foreman did what in week 3, etc.?

This is what I am thinking about:

  • Simple interface, offline use only
  • asks all the relevant details you would need to enter
  • Enter details such as foreman, date started, date completed, hours spent etc.
  • Make some simple calculations such as how many days total, cost per day etc.
  • Export a relevant overview between the dates I have chosen
  • Allow for a comparison of budgeted hours compared to actually spent man-hours (or similar)
  • Project locations with coordinates

I have done some coding as a teenager, however, I suspect I am mostly looking for an interface builder that I can link to some sort of database in the back.
How do non-computer science go about this? What terms and phrases or software am I actually looking for. Again, this is supposed to be a project I can tinker with while I do most of my work in aforementioned excel sheets. As a final “goal” for this project I would love to have an exe file that someone can open and use without me assisting in using it.

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