Hello, I am a high physicist and very much an autodidact. I've learned to code out of necessity for research and I would say that I am probably one of the upper quartile of my immediate colleagues in terms of experience and skills with coding up almost anything. But this is all mostly writing algorithms for calculations, some robotics, some managing, and a little GUI. I really like python for most simple things, but I am definitely ignorant to the sexy of webdev.

I have created a simple CV page on our university website with HTML templates and photos but I am interested in learning more, I am just not sure which direction to go start learning. The best thing I think one can do to learn is design and work on a project. So here is my dummy project:

Let's say I want to create a web page for my business "Advice LLC". A business where I give my predictions on the outcome of football games based on my astrological models. I want to have a main page with description and advertising and give users the ability to create an account, buy a subscription, and get to some interface behind a paywall I provide where they can click different matchups and get my predictions on points/penalties/player stats/etc.

Can some one, in as much detail as possible, provide a very step by step of tasks that must be accomplished starting from registering the domain to rolling out production. I know there is probably multiple ways to do it, with different levels of outsourcing. Maybe multiple lists could be beneficial? Or maybe just whatever is most practical. Also maybe provide concrete names, such as instead of "buy domain contract" a good company name I can research would be useful.

Sorry for such a needy beggar-chooser post, but if I get one helpful response I learned something more than where I started! Thanks!

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