Snake on a String is an arcade-style game that offers a unique twist on the classic gameSnake on a String
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This new arcade game a on the game. Basic gameplay remains the same.

Your snake grows in length as you eat items available in the level and you have to avoid crashing into the walls or eating yourself. In classic mode, you have to play through various levels (there are over 200).

In endless mode, you play in a single level till the game ends. Each level has a different layout and you have to be careful not to crash into the various obstacles.

As you progress, the obstructions in each level increase and in some levels, they even randomly change positions making it difficult to clear the level.

The graphics are quirky with bright colours and the sound effects go well with the gameplay. You can control the snake by either tapping on the screen or using your finger to drag around on the screen and the snake will follow.

There are different power-ups also available, including magnet, speed increase and the ability to freeze moving elements.

The only issue is the full-screen ads that appear after a game ends — you can remove them with an in-app purchase of Rs 130.

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