We love to highlight great engineering student projects at Hackaday. We also love environment-sensing microcontrollers, 3D printing, and jet engines. The X-Plorer 1 by JetX Engineering checks all the boxes.

This engineering student exercise took its members through the development process of a jet engine. Starting from a set of requirements to , they designed their engine and analyzed it in software before embarking on physical model assembly. An engine monitoring system was developed in parallel and integrated into the model. These embedded sensors gave performance feedback, and armed with data the team iterated though ideas to improve their design. It’s a shame the X-Plorer model had to stop short of actual combustion. The realities of 3D printed plastic meant airflow for the model came from external compressed and not from burning fuel.

Also worth noting are the people behind this project. JetX Engineering describe themselves as an University of Glasgow student club for jet engine enthusiasts, but they act less like a casual gathering of friends and more like an aerospace engineering firm. The ability of this group to organize and execute on this project, including finding sponsors to fund it, are skills difficult to teach in a classroom and even more difficult to test with an exam.

After X-Plorer 1, the group has launched two new project teams X-Plorer and Kronos. They are also working to expand to other universities with the ambition of launching competitions between student . That would be exciting and we wish them .

We have many more stories for jet engine enthusiasts. Do you prefer models that focus less on engineering and more on looking like real engines? You’ll like this motor driven model of a GEnx. Or perhaps you prefer to build functional fuel-burning jet engines? People are happy to sell you plans. Or watch somebody ride a jet-propelled bicycle. (Is he even wearing a helmet?)

[Thanks to George @ 3DHubs for spreading the word on JetX.]

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