Discover the hidden artist inside you, using all new app.

SketchAR is your virtual art helper that will let you draw the virtual images easily in your real environment.It is available for Microsoft Hololens, iOS and Android Tango.

SketchAR for Hololens app, let users envision virtual image on any chosen surface they want to trace the picture on to. SketchAR will be very beneficial to everyone who wanted to draw, but could not draw.

Professional artists can benefit a lot from this app, to trace sketches on any preferred surface like a wall or canvas. Also a lot many other people, including the graffiti painters, students, very useful researchers, architects, etc. can benefit from this futuristic mixed reality drawing app. SketchAR has turned a handy tool to discover yourself as the budding artist. Just download this arty app and enjoy drawing beautiful images with utmost ease.

SketchAR app is very easy to setup and navigate, making it easy for even a non-technical person to use it. It comes preloaded with many sketches which you can easily draw on any surface you like. It also allows you to convert the photos from your device to easily visible images. So be it any form of a picture, you can now easily trace it on your chosen surface with the help of Sketch AR.

Initially, it was only available for iOS and permitted only to trace pictures on the A4 sheet. But SketchARfor Microsoft have taken you step ahead and permits you to trace your chosen picture on any preferred surface.

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