October 30, 2017

is the gift that keeps on giving, with one recent Hard down and another to go soon, the drama and specualtion surrounding the cryptocurrency is going into overdrive.

Neal and Nathan dig into the inherent risks of this particular Hard Fork that may be over looked, especially since Bitcoin is breaking new peaks in valuations. has become a divisive policy within the Bitcoin community that could reshape crypto in the future. The discussion has become more about power rather than , but key to winning is maintaining the “Bitcoin” and “” brand, which is determined by the exchanges, the “King Makers” in crypto-land.

Neal and Nathan also discuss the potential for a cryptocurrency to be used as a transitioning tool when a geographical region breaks away from a state or union. This possibility has resurfaced due to political instability that is breaking out in Spain after Catalunya’s attempt to break free and declare independence. 

Article reference here: https://goo.gl/dJ19k9 

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