HARMAN International has announced an engineering partnership with Samsung to enlarge the scope of the .

As part of the partnership, a group of HARMAN Connected Services (HCS) engineers will work together with the R&D team of Samsung SmartThings to develop and design the SmartThings app. In addition, the HCS team will integrate third-party sensors into the SmartThings ecosystem; work on feature development for SmartThings Cloud and drive initiatives for the platform hub.

Since the time Samsung acquired HARMAN, both the parties are working hand-in-hand to formulate and implement state-of-the-art technologies for various verticals and customers. The new alliance is an illustration of the continuation of the successful bonding between the two parties to introduce a revolutionary spirit in the IoT and cloud space – expanding the scope to incorporate enterprises as well as automotive OEMs and not just consumers.

Commenting on the partnership, HCS’ SVP and GM Sandeep Kalra, said: “We’re thrilled to be an engineering partner for Samsung SmartThings and to help grow the SmartThings ecosystem. HARMAN Connected Services strives to deliver experiences at the intersection of design, and devices. Together with Samsung, we are doing just that and bringing about next-generation IoT and cloud-based solutions for our customers.”

Robert Parker, CTO, Samsung SmartThings, said: “It’s more important than ever to be at the cutting-edge of digital transformation and connected devices. By partnering with HARMAN Connected Services for SmartThings application and device development, we’re able to bring the latest device innovations directly to consumers.”

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