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Big and are key focuses in an organization’s attempt to make the best possible use of all available sources. The of Things and Lakes are being used to collect and report on a variety of new sources that also maximize an organization’s ability to get the most from their .

Join Bob Seiner and a special guest for this month’s installment of the RWDG webinar series to investigate how data governance relates to the latest and greatest technologies and applies discipline focused on bolstering your organization’s ability to leverage innovative data sources. The data world is changing and data practitioners are the heart of the changes.

In this webinar Bob and his guest will discuss:

  • The relationship between Big Data, Smart Data, and Data Governance
  • The relationship between the Internet of Things, Data Lakes, and Data Governance
  • How the Internet of Things and Data Lakes change the way we govern data
  • Extending existing data governance programs to embrace these technologies
  • Staying one step ahead of the competition by governing these items

About the Speaker

Robert S. Seiner

President and Principal, KIK Consulting and Educational Services

Bob Seiner WEB-7Robert S. Seiner is the President and Principal of KIK Consulting & Educational Services and the Publisher of The Data Administration Newsletter ( Bob was recently awarded the DAMA Professional Award for significant and demonstrable contributions to the data management . Bob specializes in “non-invasive data governance”, data stewardship, and meta-data management solutions.


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