The ZODIAQ , which is creating a universal financial blockchain corporation, received a of category B from the Comoros Offshore Finance Authority for offshore .

The document will allow the company to carry out any types of banking operations with the crypto currency, including opening and maintaining accounts, accepting deposits and issuing loans.

“ZODIAQ will be the first company to legally carry out operations in the crypto currency all over the for both private and legal entities. This ensures the legality of all our operations and serves as an additional guarantee for users,” noted the project representatives

The ZODIAQ team plans to create a universal crypto currency center, which will include a bank, a hedge fund, a stock exchange and a payment system.

“At the launch stage, you can open accounts in dollars, euros and bitcoins. The of currencies will expand in accordance with market demand. In total, the platform will support 30 financial currencies and 150 crypto-currencies,” told the project team.

The nearest plans of the company include opening representative offices in jurisdictions that are loyal to crypto-currencies and ICO: Gibraltar, Isle of Man, British Virgin Islands.

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