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Results Mixed for Imax VR Centers


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March 12, 3:26 pm

(VRRoom.buzz) In 2017, made opened six virtual reality –two in New York and one each in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Toronto and Manchester, England — featuring multiple “pods” (a proprietary Imax design) that can be adapted for a variety of immersive content experiences, both single- and multi-user. They’re serving as a pilot program to test different types of content, models (e.g., whether to charge by length or type of experience) and overall customer satisfaction.
If the experiment proves successful, the plan is to launch a series of centers around the globe at multiplexes, shopping centers and tourist destinations, but so far the have been . “The one in Los Angeles across from the Grove [shopping mall] is making very good revenue, but others are behind the revenue numbers that we need to roll it out in a significant way,” says Imax CEO Richard Gelfond.

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