Hey guys, so a few ago I travelled to Madagascar through a volunteering program on organic farming. The whole site was like a medium for organic farmers to link with volunteers, which providing a kind of exchange, where volunteers can work for food/sleep. So you just pay your ticket, fly off to wherever for however long, and get to work some hours a day and experience the lifestyle.

So I did that in Madagascar for 3 months, and lucky me that my hosts actually have their own non-profit going on there centered around farming/healing/and basically a selective attraction site once it’s all built up.

I guess I was chill enough that they brought me into the family. It was great experiencing life there, really opened my eyes and I got a chance to see how things went down business wise in a 3rd country (hilarious at times).

Anyway, story time over. We got the non-profit there, and there’s a whole bunch of spices/herbs (legal)/ and others foods/items we’ve got that’s really exclusive considering only Madagascar has it, and so what I want to do is establish that non-profit here in the and also set it up in a way that we can import. But..there’s so just much info out there that I’m not quite sure how to go about this.

What’s the best type of non-profit to set up for trade? Any help? Would be a blessing for someone to help me out. I’m completely new to this

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