Hello r/MachineLearning,

I have been working in machine learning development for a long time now, but I felt it was time I went into the science, and actually did some work, to grow my knowledge. As part of my , one goal I have would is to publish something useful, I actually want to contribute something of worth.

The trickiest part for me is deciding on what to do. I know I am really interested in memory and few shot learning. But any idea I have, a google search shows it has already been done. I am really interested in few shot learning, but every idea I have, is either already investigated, or doesn’t contribute much to our collective knowledge (is incremental at best).

At this point, it seems if I go down one to investigate, it might turn out to be a giant waste of time. So as a real big newbie, who has never contributed to research, what would you’re advice be to me? how does one decide on a research hypothesis?

Thanks for helping me out.

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