Matt Kostinas and John Galmiche want to take the   to a new level. Instead of the same concept you are used to, they want to help you learn new quotes in a fun and intellectually stimulating way.

Quotable is a card game full of hilarious and meticulously selected quotes from the ’s best and worst people (politicians, actors, people who are famous for being famous, etc). While you will 0% know the author, there is only a 1% chance you will know who said these quotes. That is the fun part of the game!

According to Kostinas Quotable was started by accident. “We were often amused by making up fake quotes and attributing them to real people. Then we started playing a game where we would tell each other a quote and the other person would need to guess if it was real or fake. Then we eventually decided to take the game seriously, and Quotable was born,” he says.

“Matt and I have been creating games together for a decade,”  said Galmiche, “We would just always try to think up competitive environments for our friends to have fun. Our games weren’t always card-based. We’ve created games with pingpong balls, kitchen utensils, and traffic cones, he says.”


The scoring of Quotable is similar to Balderdash or Fibbage (two of our faves). After hearing a quote, the object of the game is to either write down the genuine author of the quote or write down a fake author that will trick your friends. Players receive points by voting for the correct answer amongst your friends’ fake authors. Additionally, you get points for everyone you fool!

You can support Quotable on Kickstarter today. You can also visit for more information.

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