Working with Linux - Quick Hacks for the Command Line ($32 Value) FREE For Limited Time

Working with – “ Hacks for the Command Line ($ Value) For a Limited Time”

Say goodbye to unproductive Linux habits and switch to the express lane.

Websites, online , databases, and pretty much every other computer that offers public runs on Linux. With such a broad usage, the demand for Linux specialists is ever growing.

What You Will Learn:

  • Optimize the power of Guake by integrating it with ClipIt
  • Deep dive into the workings of the console editor—Vim
  • the advanced concepts and best practices of shell scripting
  • Edit large amounts of data quickly using Sed
  • Use pipes and subshells to customized commands
  • Get to know how you can speed up the software and make the terminal a handy companion

Through this book, you will your terminal productivity by seeing how to use different tools.

Offered Free by: Packt Publishing
Free offer expires 1/18/18.

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