Hi guys, I’m on a mission to build a -based product. I’m a non-technical solo-entrepreneur working on this venture while looking for technical cofounder. I have been building on the design//sales planning. I am wanting to build an mvp asap, however this has a very complicated technical backend. I have an intermediate level understanding of the technical aspects and an advanced level understanding of the macroeconomics. I have some questions I don’t know about whether some applications/processes are viable, about API’s and interconnectivity and about technical trade offs. I know what these things are and how they work, but of combining them, I do not. I saw digital consulting online and was wondering if any of you have done it, was it worth it, would recommend it for my situation, and how to protect my idea. Any input would be very helpful, thank you!

TL;DR: Non-tech solo entrepreneur needs help building mvp, doesn’t know specific technical specs, would appreciate recommendations on consulting, thanks!

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