I’ve got 3 years of experience in C using Visual Studio now, and I want to learn multithreading and sockets and hacking and other stuff like this. But since I don’t want to learn the WinAPI I thought its time to switch to linux.
Till now I’ve been using a raspberry pi (model 2 b+ running raspbian wheezy, to be exact) and I got used to gcc, gdb and vim. Know I want to buy a new laptop because the pi isn’t so powerful.
So my first question is what laptop should I buy? I don’t want to spend more than 500€ (= $620). I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about lenovo thinkpads, especially the T and X series. I want a thin but robust laptop, and a lot of people say that an SSD and 16GB RAM are important. So what’s the best laptop for me and/or for programming in general?
My second question is what linux distro should I install? Kali seems like it’s made for hacking and pen testing, but /u/nucls said here that Arch is best.
I know that’s mostly opinion-based, but if your opinion is reasoned and well-founded, why not adapt it?


  • What’s the best laptop for programming, hacking and pen testing? Budget: $620
  • What linux distro is the best in your opinion?

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