Python .6. is now available

Python 3.6.3 is now available.  Python 3.6.3 is the third maintenance release of Python 3.6, which was initially released in 016-1 to great interest.  Detailed information about the changes made in 3.6.3 can be found in its change log.  See the What’s New In Python 3.6 document for more information about features included in the 3.6 series.

You can download Python 3.6.3 here.  The next maintenance release is expected to follow in about 3 months, around the end of 2017-12.

Applications for Python

Python is used in many application domains. Here’s a sampling.

and Internet Development

Python offers many choices for web development:

Python’s standard library supports many Internet protocols:

And the Package Index has yet more libraries:

Scientific and Numeric

Python is widely used in scientific and numeric computing:

  • SciPy is a of packages for mathematics, science, and engineering.
  • Pandas is a data analysis and modeling library.
  • IPython is a powerful interactive shell that features easy editing and recording of a work session, and supports visualizations and parallel computing.
  • The Software Carpentry Course teaches basic skills for scientific computing, running bootcamps and providing open-access teaching materials.


Python is a superb language for teaching programming, both at the introductory level and in more advanced courses.

Desktop GUIs

The Tk GUI library is included with most binary distributions of Python.

Some toolkits that are usable on several platforms are available separately:

Platform-specific toolkits are also available:

Software Development

Python is often used as a support language for software developers, for build control and management, testing, and in many other .


Python is also used to build ERP and e-commerce systems:

  • Odoo is an all-in-one management software that offers a range of business applications that form a complete suite of enterprise management applications.
  • Tryton is a three-tier high-level general purpose application platform.
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