Embracing change is never easy, and never more so than for the , which has proved resistant to trying new things, especially where is concerned.  As Sprint renews efforts to bring the and Big — and the of Things — to federal, state and local officials and agencies, VP of Government Chris Felix tells PYMNTS’ Karen Webster that the times may indeed be a’ changing.

Some institutions move slowly by . Other institutions move slowly by force of habit.

When it comes to government, both forces are in play – and when it comes to technological innovation, can be the result.

Yet inertia is no strategy when it comes to fighting off the bad guys – you know, the data-stealing kind – or making payments easier, or saving taxpayers their hard-earned dollars.

So it is that Sprint announced last week it is leveraging three decades of work with federal, state and local governments to bring converged solutions – over the Sprint network, naturally – to span wireless, wireline and the blossoming Internet of Things.

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