PUBG Mobile Revenue

Introduced last month, the PUBG Mobile’s premium has made a lasting impact on the game’s potential. According to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates, players are now spending about three times as much per day in the game as they did before the Royale Pass went live on June 19.

Our data shows that App Store and Play users worldwide have spent an average of approximately $650,000 per day in the game since June 19, compared to about $220,000 per day in the preceding period. revenue since the Royale Pass was launched totals $22 , compared to the estimated $7.6 it grossed between May 16 and June 18, an increase of approximately 190 percent.

What’s more, PUBG Mobile hasn’t made less than $450,000 per day since the of the Royale Pass, whereas before it never grossed more than $343,000 per day. Since the launch of the Royale Pass, the game has grossed as much as $1.1 million per day, reaching that high point on June 21, two days after the pass went live.

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