K'taka plans to reduce road accidents by 30% in next 5 years: KhargeTechnology and tourism minister Priyank Kharge on Thursday said that Karnataka will work towards cutting mishaps by 30% over the next five years as it is using solutions to deal with traffic issues, and prevent road . “We are strengthening our collaboration with Intel and Mobileye to develop road safety and real-time driver assist solutions. This will enable us to save lives,” said. The technology and solution developed by Mobileye in partnership with Intel India will invigorate the local ecosystem and accelerate the development of more such solutions for the Indian automotive safety segment, the minister said in a press release. Karnataka, the minister said, is well on its in becoming the first state in India for deploying safety solution through technology innovation and public-private partnerships.

The state government, in November, announced the ‘Automotive Safety Innovation’ project to boost technology development towards safer commutes in the state. In the first phase of the project, potential accident spots were identified in the east part of Bengaluru using school buses equipped with Mobileye’s Collision Avoidance Systems (CAS). These systems have vision analytics that provide real-time warnings of potential collisions, leaving enough time for the driver to react and avoid or mitigate the accident altogether, a press release from the technology department said.

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