August 24,

Electricity is such a ubiquitous part of everyday life, it’s hard to imagine a without it. But in the new , you’ll explore a world that’s been devastated by catastrophe and completely dark.


In the game, you’ll explore London after a solar flare make all electronic and transportation inoperative.

To start, the MAUDE – Mobile Assessment of Doomsday Events – will ask you a number of questions and then assign you a specific persona.

There are seven different personas in the game to unlock, and you’ll try to keep each of them alive to complete the game.

You’ll need to test your mettle in a number of different situations and how you’ll react without modern including landing a helicopter during a solar storm and escape from prison. The choices you make will steer the game’s outcome.

All total, there are 16 different levels of interactive fiction with more than 250,000 words. To match the apocalyptic setting, Powerless features a haunting soundtrack and special effects.

Powerless is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for $4.99.

In this interactive work of fiction, you’ll be exploring London after a catastrophe renders all electronic devices and transportation useless.

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