Pokemon Quest Revenue

It’s been just over a week since the cross-platform Pokémon Quest celebrated its one launch anniversary, and Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data shows that players worldwide have spent more than $ in the game so far. This is following a launch that saw the title gross more than $3 million in its first week of availability on the App Store and Play.

The largest portion of has come from players in Japan, who have accounted for 34 percent of the total. The United States ranks second in spending at 24 percent. Players in South Korea have contributed about 12 percent of the game’s haul to date. Most of this has come from Pokémon players on iOS, which represents about 66 percent of spending versus Google Play’s 44 percent.

Player spending in Pokémon Quest has slowed since its first week on the app stores, with daily gross revenue currently totaling about $30,000 across both platforms. By comparison, on its single best day post-launch (June 30), the game grossed more than $580,000.

Close to eight million Apple and Google accounts have installed Pokémon Quest to date.

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