Startup , an original by Startup , takes a look at the way corporates and startups across Australia and New Zealand work with each other and approach innovation.

On this episode, Gina and Tricia chat about new recruits.

We had a chat to Hugh Fahy, the GM of Engineering at MYOB, who works to ensure MYOB are producing the best products possible. To do so, MYOB needs to be able to recruit the top tech talent in Australia and New Zealand. The company looks to do this through the Future Makers program, a concept based on the maker philosophy with an emphasis on who take pride in their craft and seek out mastery will be happier and more productive at work. 

We spoke to Hugh about the growth of MYOB, the development of the Future Makers program and its DevelopHER initiative, and the company’s culture.

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Image: Developher graduate Hannah Deutscher. Source: Supplied.

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