Ban-SpamIt came to our attention that more and more users try to create multiple accounts on Datumbox service in order to generate additional calls per day, despite the fact that it is strictly forbidden by our Terms of Use. Even though that creating multiple accounts will not give additional calls to the service, this phenomenon became more intense the last couple of weeks.

Thus to address this issue, we are forced to enforce effective immediately stricter measures to fight the malicious users. A new system will monitor the API call patterns on a daily basis and will enforce automated and to or IP addresses that violate our policies.

We are always happy to provide additional calls to academic researchers and people involved in interesting projects. We urge you to contact us requesting additional calls instead of trying to cheat our system.


My name is Vasilis Vryniotis. I’m a Scientist, a Software Engineer, author of Datumbox Machine Learning Framework and a proud geek. Learn more

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