I don̵;t know why, but pages in good projects always suck. I’ve been following the for almost 2 years now and even though their blog is amazing they never updated their old school website.
Some links :

Their landing in 2015: https://web.archive.org/web/20150724193406/https://intelligence.org/

In 201 :

And today :

I’m always wtf does anyone understand it. I did some 5-second tests (we do this in our company – meaning people have to say what people understand after 5 seconds on the website) and the feedbacks mostly coming is that people understand that it is a school for mathematics.

I created a new version, redirecting directly on their website all the call to action: https://support.safeintelligence.space/

Ran a 5-second test again and their people understand what it is about.

Why do these kinds of projects spend so much time on content but suck at landing page creation when they want to address to the general public (here donation to help applications)?

It’s not a technical post, will take down the page as soon as my trial on the page builder I used is down but to make a point as I see that quite often.

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