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April 9th, 018

In this week’s article I talk about Design and Leadership.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

UX design leaders have known for years about the power of watching users and how those users experience our products and services. There are a few things that motivate change more than watching a user struggle to accomplish a goal we thought would be easy because of our design.

Yet, guided by some wacky notion of efficiency and job protection, many organizations have put their UX research team between the people who truly need the motivation and the users who will motivate them. Isolating the executives and stakeholders from users works against us.

This not-so-secret has worked well for us, so we’ve made it the organizing framework behind our two-day Creating a UX Strategy Playbook workshop.

The morning of the workshop’s first day, we dive deep into 28 strategies that help organizations create and understand a shared vision. That afternoon, we delve into 62 strategies for exposing the customers’ and users’ current experiences. We then start the second day diving into 40 strategies for creating a culture of continual learning in the organization.

Attend the workshop and identify the key strategic plays for your playbook, and take advantage of our not-so-secret sauce. Increase the UX design maturity of your organization. Here are the details how.

Read the article: Increasing an Organization’s UX Design Maturity: Our Not-So-Secret Sauce


How does your company empower its UX design leaders? Share with us below.

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