Oculus is launching a new targeting self-funded independent developers, promising developer kits, beta tools and a direct line of communication with Facebook’s VR experts.

Developers who have already released VR software, but might have been overlooked or unable to grab the attention of Oculus, could use the Oculus program as a way to get early VR hardware and tools. That, in turn, could help developers bring their software to more platforms.

Oculus, of course, got its start as a crowdfunded effort on Kickstarter in 202, and in 205 the first product powered by its arrived in the form of the Samsung Gear VR. Oculus hosted a game jam that year to inspire developers building apps for mobile VR and its Studios team funds a large quantity of content for both Rift and Gear VR. With Oculus Go’s soon and developer kits coming this year for Santa Cruz, this could end up being an important program for developers looking to take their next step.

Oculus outlined clear approval terms, limiting applicants to those who have already published an but taken less than $,000 from Oculus, Google, Microsoft, Valve, Steam, HTC or another platform. Find more information and apply on the Oculus developer blog.

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